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Rockchip and Zhaohe reached a strategic cooperation
Feb 26 , 2015

On February 25, 2015, the "Zhaohe Technology x Rockchip Strategic Cooperation and New Product Launch Conference" was successfully held in the Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex. The two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the spot.

Mr. Zhong, President of Zhaohe Technology, made a speech at the press conference. He first expressed his heartfelt thanks to the guests and audiences who came to the conference. From the development of the Internet of Things to the development trend and current situation of retail, he made a simple and simple summary and summary.
In order to cope with the new retail reform trend, it has been deployed. After months of product research and customer demand analysis, thousands of times of product quality, hardware, software testing and polishing have been completed, providing facial payment, machine vision application hardware support, etc. The edge computing and voice interaction capabilities mainly have the following highlights:

1. Support AI face recognition payment, adapt to 3D dynamic vision solution

Equipped with AI artificial intelligence motherboard, supporting big data operations, face recognition algorithms, with 20ms delay, 90Hz refresh rate, super 3D processing capabilities, hardware advantages, capable of offline face detection, extraction, and comparison, and support for multiple AI applications Scene development provides strong hardware support for 3D dynamic vision solutions.

2. Revolutionary breakthrough of CPU/GPU, more efficient and smarter processing capacity

Using RK3399 six-core chip, dual Cortex-A72 large core, four Cortex-A53 small core structure, super floating-point computing capability, revolutionary improvement in overall performance, power consumption and core area.

3. Multi-image millisecond-level acquisition and processing, accurate image recognition

Self-developed multi-camera working algorithm at the same time can support five USB cameras to take pictures at the same time. Customer service APP can develop and call multi-cameras without any development. The millisecond-level image acquisition and processing speed can realize continuous shooting of five photos.

4. Super audio, video and image processing capabilities

High-definition decoding and image enhancement technology, extreme colors, frame-level synchronous playback, rich game engine and 3D image processing capabilities, can run large-scale games or business applications APP, to meet the operating requirements of various high-performance games.

5. Commercialized product solutions to meet the needs of scenario applications

In addition to providing hardware product solutions for face recognition and image recognition, Zhaohe Technology has created a self-contained new retail solution for the Internet of Things, providing intelligent, standardized and integrated hardware solutions.
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