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New trends!Zhaohe T100B 32inch self service Kiosk
Apr 16 , 2021

Over the past two years, more and more smart devices have been used in our lives, providing a lot of intelligence and convenience for our lives. self-service cash registers have also become the necessary equipment of various consumer places.

The activation of self service Kiosk not only saves labor costs, but also fundamentally improves shopping payment efficiency. In this fast-paced society, smart self-service payment kiosk have also fundamentally improved the service quality of supermarkets and other shopping places.

A self-service Kiosk like T100B can meet the all requirements. Its advantages are as follows:

1. 32inch HD multi touch screen

2. Built in 2MP monocular and binocular camerasOptional

3. Support 80mm high-speed thermal printer with auto cutter

4. Scanner:wide viewing angle, high performance, support barcode and QR code;

5. NFC card reader and ID card reader are optional;

6. Support the deployment method of public network and local area network, and 4G module is optional;

7. Support wall-mounted and floor standing

32inch windows payment kiosk

Application scenarios

It is suitable for self-service consumption places such as shopping malls, retail stores, fruit stores, unmanned stores, and vegetable markets.


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