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The difference between desktop self-service kiosk and floor standing self-service kiosk
Jun 07 , 2021

The difference between desktop self-service kiosk and floor standing self-service kiosk

With the rising labor cost and the influence of the epidemic in recent two years, the self-service market has entered a new growth era.

Many large supermarkets and fast food restaurants such as walmart and KFC have introduced self-service ordering kiosks and self-service payment kiosks.

According to official data,1units self-service kiosk can replace five cashiers.

Advantages of self-service kiosk:

1.Save 50% labor cost at least

2.Reduce customer queuing time

3.Collect customer data and analyze customer preferences

4.Reduce the area occupied by the cashier counter and improve the area utilization rate

Self-service kiosk are divided into floor stand, wall-mounted and desktop, etc.

How should we choose

1.Floor Standing Self Payment kiosk

The floor standing self-service kiosk has large size and occupies a wide area, generally used in large supermarkets and shopping malls, maintain stable operation when there is a large flow of users.

24inch floor standing kiosk

2.Wall Mounted Self Payment kiosk

Wall-mounted kiosks are suitable for restaurants or fast food store with small area. reduce floor space and improve work efficiency and customer acquisition rate.

wall mounted self service kiosk

3.Desktop Self Payment kiosk

Small floor area and convenient installation. widely used in small grocery, pharmacies, fruit shops etc. Reduce customer queue checkout time.TM156 dual-screen dual touch design is more conducive to the clerk's assistance in price confirmation.

15.6inch desktop self payment kiosk

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