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The advantages of single screen POS system and dual screen POS System
Jun 03 , 2021

The advantages of single screen POS system and dual screen POS System

With the continuous development of smart retail, the role of all in one POS system is not limited to the collection and operating data statistics of catering retail, it can also be used in medical, gas stations, pharmacies and other places, different application scenarios will have different configuration requirements of POS Machine.

And then derives many types of point of sale system: desktop POS system, POS system with keyboard, touch screen POS system, handheld POS System and self payment POS system.

Today we will mainly discuss the difference between single screen POS machine and dual-screen POS machine

1. Single screen POS machine

The single-screen POS machine has one screen for cashiers. It is mainly used in small restaurants, fast food restaurants and grocery. Its advantages are relatively low price, small footprint, simple appearance and smooth lines, and it is the first choice for many small businesses.

15inch single screen pos machine

2. Dual screen POS machine

The dual screen POS machine is divided into a main screen and a customer display. The main screen generally has touch function, and the secondary screen is for customers which is used to confirm order information, display payment QR code, payable amount and advertising information (including product display, preferential information, company introduction, etc.), seller don’t need to print additional paper leaflets, saving resources and costs.

dual screen pos machine

The dual-screen cash register clearly shows the product information that customer ordered. Which can reduce losses due to blurred communication, and improve work efficiency and buyer favorability.

Zhaohe POS design and product various types of POS system according to different customer needs. In order to be more conducive to the secondary sales of our resellers, Zhaohe POS developed a new type of machine in 2021: ZH-180 POS system,It can not only realize the free conversion between single screen and dual screen, but also the base can be disassembled, which greatly saves packaging space and reduces the cost pressure of dealers.

All aluminum detachable pos machine

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