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How to choose a POS System Hardware
Jun 02 , 2021

How to choose a POS System Hardware

Smart cash register is the product of the combination of microelectronic technology development and modern commodity circulation management concept and technology development, while commercial electronic cash register is one of the essential basic electronic equipment for modern and automated business management.

1.Introduction of smart pos terminal

The earliest pos system in the world was made in 1879 by the brothers James Liddy and John Liddy of the United States. Its function only realized business record memo and supervision of misconduct by hired persons. By the late 1960s, with the rapid development of electronic technology, Japan was the first to successfully develop an electronic cash register (ECR). The invention of the electronic cash register was of epoch-making significance, and its technical performance and commercial functions far exceeded the prototype institutional cash.  The cash register has the characteristics of intelligent, networked and multifunctional, and has become an effective tool and method for labor management, accounting management, and commodity management in commercial sales.  By the mid-1980s, the powerful commercial dedicated terminal system (POS) was produced and became the third-generation cash register. The biggest difference between POS and ECR is that it has the characteristics of direct and instant account entry and has strong online real-time processing capabilities.  POS integrates computer hardware and software to form an intelligent commercial workstation that can work independently or in a network environment.

2.The Function of Point of sale

Place goods, scan goods, computer systems, place sales and reserve funds, enter barcodes and other operations, print computer receipts, so that customers can see the prices of their purchased goods, cashiers verify whether the product information matches the computer display data.

15inch aluminum pos hardware

3.Composition of POS System

3.1 Compositon

1. Main board---central data processing component;

2. Memory---storage of information, data, and programs;

3. Keyboard---used to input various sales data;

4. Printer---used to print sales invoices and manage stubs;

5. Display screen---used to facilitate the human-machine dialogue between the cashier and the customer;

6. Cash drawer---used to store the cash received;

7. External device interface---used to connect various external pos peripheral.

All in one pos terminal

3.2 POS Peripheral

1) Printer---In addition to the built-in printer, the electronic cash register can also be connected to an external printer (such as kitchen printers and receipt printers used in the catering industry).

2) Barcode reader---also called bar code scanner, is a bar code reading device. From the appearance, it can be divided into four types: pen type, handheld pos , desktop pos, and card type. According to the light source, it can be divided into two types:  Infrared light and laser.

3) Magnetic card reader-it is a device for reading or writing magnetic recording signals.  Read the information recorded by the credit card into the cash register.  There are many types and models, and it can be divided into three types: single track, double track, and triple track in terms of the number of tracks.

4) Electronic scale---When the goods are weighed and measured on site, the electronic scale transmits the weight and data to the cash register.

Pos peripherals

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