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Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing a excellent Slef Payment Kiosk
Jun 02 , 2021
What do you know about choosing a excellent self payment kiosk

1. what would you like to do?

This might be your first question When you decide to choose excellent self payment kiosk.
Ask yourself why your team or department needs a self-serve kiosk and used in what scene.
It's very important on this step, as this will be the basis of other decisions in the next time.
Will your needs be basic, with Simple ordering and payment, Or need complex data management, connecting the front desk, kitchen and customers?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you determine whether you need a high-performance kiosk or a low-performance this will be the basis for the next steps.

2.What size do you need?
Self-service kiosks generally have the following sizes, Desktop small self payment kiosk:10.1inch,15.6inch,Wall mounted or floor standing kiosk:21.5inch,24inch,27inch,32inch.
Every coin has two sides, bigger doesn’t always mean better!
In general, What project do you use for?This question will help you determine the proper budget for self-serve kiosk.
Compare the space of different scenes, the number of shop traffic and operators to determine what size is best for your project.
For example, A large supermarket or medical project, it might be buying a touch screen high quality kiosk with a big size,
Because those big kiosk that tend to be more expensive and elaborate, as it can maintain stable operation in the case of intensive use of people and huge data processing.

If it is a small convenience store retail project, then you can choose a desktop kiosk to realize self-service business, which can also save budget and time.

3. What Kind of Operate System Will You Use?
Self payment kiosk Operate System are one of the most important aspects to consider when making your decision. At present, the mainstream operating systems in the world are Windows and Android.
Different countries and regions have different habits and preferences for operating systems. In recent years, the Southeast Asian market has realized the transformation from Windows system to Android system, European and American countries are still accustomed to Windows System.
For system and software integrators, the operating system depends on the operating environment required by the software.
According to various operating systems, many motherboard solutions will be derived, Windows kiosk mainly use intel processors: Intel J1900/i3/i5, Android

kiosk mainly use RK3288/RK3399.Configuration can be customized according to customer requirements

4.What installation method do you need?
With the development of science and technology, Self-serve kiosks are becoming more and more advanced and diversified, and has been widely concerned by the market.

The desktop touch self-service machine is suitable for small unmanned convenience stores. under the condition of saving labor, the operation efficiency is improved

touch screen high quality kiosk

Wall-mounted Payment kiosks are more suitable for fast food restaurants or large restaurants, realize self-service ordering and checkout, directly connect with the kitchen, and reduce the operation link.

Wall-mounted Payment kiosks

Floor-standing self-checkout kiosks are suitable for large supermarkets or hotels,

Floor-standing self-checkout kiosks

According to the data, 1units self-service machine is equivalent to three cashiers,

Greatly reduce labor costs and customer queuing time, and improve customer purchasing experience.

5. Will You Need Support?
There is no shortage of touch screen self check out kiosk on the market, but when choosing a kiosk terminal, it is important to consider whether you would benefit from manufacturer that offers strong after-sales service.
In this case, after sales service can mean many different things. Most professional users will benefit from assistance such as add-ons parts, online support through video or direct communication, hardware upgrade or motherboard maintain.
If you choose a kiosk terminal because of the cheaper price but don't have a company that will provide after sale service for you when you have problem,
You may encounter many risks beyond your control.
Choosing a self service payment kiosk from a professional manufacturer will give you the service you need because they are invested in ensuring your self-service project success. Your success represents the meaning of our existence.

Thinking about these 5 questions, you are now one step closer to successfully finding a self-service kiosk that matches your project or software. 

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